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Slingshot Malware is an advanced malware infection as revealed by Kespersky and the hackers hackers were able to exploit the deepest levels of victim's operating system. The malware possess the capability to collect every kind of information that can be accessed and attacked through a compromised router is a Malware Browser Hijacker that basically modifies the browser settings without your consent and redirects your searches to third party malicious websites to generate revenue for the person behind it.
RedDrop malware is a malware infection which has infected an extensive number of mobile phones. It is one of the most viscous mobile infections which can infringe your personal security and steal your money. Here is everything you need to know about this notorious mobile infection.
Turkish Globe 2 Ransomware is a malware infection which has the capacity to ruin all the user files and data and adds a .HTA extension to it. If your system has been infected by this malware infection then it is high time to take a serious step for its removal.
Scammer locker ransomware is a notorious malware infection which is created by a group of cyber criminals. This malware infection locks all the user files and adds a .jodies extension to it. If your system has been infected by then its high time for you to take adequate steps for its removal. is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) from the Browser Hijacker category. It appears to be a "PDF Converter" but the user needs to be cautious for it modifies your browser settings without your permission and installs an adware on your system that bombards you with annoying ads. is a browser hijacker that gets installed on your computer system via bundling and bombards you with intrusive ads. It causes annoying redirects to thereby generating revenue for the author of this browser hijacker




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