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As mentioned before, Mr. Biswas’s tryst with the mountains started in 1972, when he went on a formal trek to Alpathra Lake and Sandakphu. The next year he followed it up by trekking high up in the Gangotri and the Pindari Glacier, along with his newly found acquaintance, Toni Da. As the years progressed, Mr. Biswas continued his exploration of the high altitude treks within the Himalayas, both wi
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This often leads the Mumbaikars to seek out the various destinations around Mumbai offering a wide variety of fun and adventure activities such as trekking, paragliding, water sports and much more. Amongst these numerous destinations, the following two trekking destinations are truly unique and enthralling and a must visit for people who like to live their life on the edge.
Since it is a snowy region you would need all your winter accessories such as caps, jackets, socks, mufflers, pullovers, gloves, glasses, snow boots, and of course the snowboard equipment. All these would help you to walk in the snow at very low temperatures. If you are aligning yourself with a group that arranges such activities then you would get a list of all that is needed while you wish to s
In fact this single fact has been deemed responsible for the growing affinity towards a wide range of adventure activities amongst the people living in and around the city. It is even believed that the number of people opting for trekking in Bangalore is far greater than any other city in India. This is evident from the huge rush of trekkers frequenting the following top 10 trekking destinations
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Manchinebele and Skandagiri trekking are two most adventurous trips to the outskirts of Bangalore. The first trip will give you the feel of being surrounded by Nature in every step. There is an ancient temple and mostly the remains behind the dam that can be explore while you are on this adventure. The rocky hill surrounding the dam will add to the beauty of the place and make the most of your sh



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