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Prosecutors are paid to tell one side of the story, while oakland county criminal defense attorney are paid to tell the other. The process is known as adversarial because it is believed that somewhere in the middle may lie a kernel of the truth.
Domestic violence is one of the most common causes for arrest in most place, and that is true of Oakland County as well, according to one former oakland county prosecuting attorney that we spoke to. “Domestic violence is always a complex issue
Police, as part of their training, are shown how to deploy manipulative questioning methods that are designed to trip up guilty people into confessing or revealing things that they don’t want to reveal
While police perform a valuable service to society and are often under a great deal of stress because of their job, they also, like anyone, can make mistakes
People are beginning to realize that owning a cottage is really not that expensive. How are they figuring this out? By realizing that boutique sheds can be designed to fit whatever specifications are required.
Property owners with the space to build a shed are encouraged to have one constructed. Why? There are dozens of reasons why it’s a good idea to have a shed because a shed can fulfill a dozen different use values.
Gazebos are popular structures to host a variety of functions in. Whether it’s a family retreat, a wedding, a birthday party, or just a few friends, gazebos add a touch of class to any and all homesteads.
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