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We provide exit signs ,that’s save your time. LED exit sign lights available in different colors styles. Exit signs can save live.
Shop our wide collections of decorative string lighting & decorative shower lightings. Find indoor lighting &outdoor lighting which are so decorative to home from LED corner.
Buy pixel strips controlled by led and each pixel has individual controller. High quality pixel pitches with LED displays available in LED corner Dubai. Get the best LED pixels with low rate.
So, you are the host for the get together that was planned today at the office during lunch break. You are all set for the party. Everything from the decor to music to food has been arranged. But, you are not quite sure if your food arrangements are enough for the party or not. Here are a few last minute party snacks ideas that can save you from embarrassment in case you run out of food at the pa
Shop our new light sensors products with high quality. This is the light sensors with good sensitivity and using LED as light sensors. Leading light sensors suppliers in Dubai.
High Quality tridonic products like LED Voltage drivers from Tridonic LED suppliers. We supply all tridonic drivers products like TRIDONICS C V-LCU 060-12E 020, TRIDONICS C C- LC 20W350 TEC C
Shop our large collection of pendant lights with low costs. Decorate your home with our pendant lights including celling pendant lights, hanging pendant lights
We have large collection of controllers which used for LED, specially LED RGB controllers. We can use controllers to create different effects on LED lightings




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