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In today’s economy If your credit isn’t good, your options are limited, and can prevent you from purchasing a home, a car, and even being employed. With good credit, life is more enjoyable. But how can you transform bad credit into good credit?
During your consultation we compose an action plan to improve your credit. We have a 76% deletion rate and our clients credit scores increase an average of 127 points within 90 days, so it’s safe to say that your credit is in good hands.
This video explains how long negative items will remain on your credit report. It covers specific types of items and what the law is concerning negative items remaining on your credit report and the statute of limitations on items like Bankruptcy, tax liens, Foreclosure and collections. Many people make the mistake of waiting for a negative account to be removed based on the statute of limitati
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If the market was bullish throughout the day, most traders have invested long and will therefore create supply when they close their long positions at closing time.

When your debt rises beyond your ability to pay it, it’s time to ask about a Customer Proposal and find the best solution.
In this video I discuss what happens when you pay a debt collector. When you a pay a debt it will remain on your credit for 7 years from the day you pay the debt. Many people think that when they pay a debt it will be removed, but that is not the case. Any debt that you pay will only show as a PAID collection, it will not remove it from your credit report.
Do not acknowledge that you owe the debt. There are several reasons why you should not acknowledge that you owe the debt. The debt could be past the statute of limitations and you may be no longer legally responsible for the debt. Also, If the debt collector can not provide proper validation of the debt, you don’t have to pay them and debt collectors almost never have proper documentation to vali




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