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To lay down the procedure for operation of JASCO–P–1030 POLARIMETER. This procedure is applicable for Quality Control Department (Block-D). Switch on the main instrument, which is placed left corner of the rear side. switch on the computer. Double click on JASCO – P – 1030 Icon on the desktop. A Spectra Manager window will appear on the screen. Double click on standard menu. A initialization dial
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To lay down the procedure for operation of sieve shaker (Retsch). This SOP is applicable for sieve shaker in Quality Control Department. Connect the instrument to 230 volts A/C power supply. Turn the main switch on, located at left-front side of the instrument. A led light glows on the interval OFF and two bars of light glows on the time mode. Set the required vibration height by using rotating k
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Weddings all over the world are about pomp and show, lavishness, bride’s dress and jewelry, and of course, the variety and quality of food items. Now if any of these lacks in excellence, it may cause a lot of embarrassment.
Specifically talking about the food, it may simply spoil the entire wedding experience for your guests if it does not live up to their expectations.
And do you know what cau
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