5 Vital Reasons Why You Require A Lifter For Your Hot Tub Covers at Cedar Tubs Direct

You came to the spa or tub to unwind. Don’t double cross your sore muscles by making them work for it. Depart your body in mellow-out mode, and allow the potency of a pivot serve you. Concerning about ‘manhandling’ the cover to lift it back is the last thing you’d wish to do following a wonderful hot bathing session. A lifter turns the cover into a wall, placing it at the lip of the tub so your soak is out of vision. A lifter is also perfect if you are building your tub into a deck or have a pretty tight clearance – just 8-9” needed.Don’t let a poor hot tub cover ruin your hot tubing experience and add up to your power bill. Buy top-quality hot tub covers in any color and style from Cedar Tubs Direct. For more information call us at 800-759-8990.

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