How To Maintain Your Hot Tub Covers at Cedar Tubs Direct

Clean your hot tub cover at least once in every two weeks. Your cover is made to last a long time. Hence, a regular cleaning can lengthen the life span. Remember, you need a gentle hot tub cover cleanser specific for spa covers.Do you have known that the use of cleaning products can causes cracking, fading and deterioration? It’s necessary to use a cleaner – specifically designed for hot tub covers.Covers can be waterlogged. It can make the hot tub very heavy to take on and off. Therefore, you should minimize the amount of water that your cover soaks by drying it once in a while.When your hot tub cover is waterlogged, you will see mildew or mold growing on it. The mold and mildew growth occurs because of the stagnant rain water and condensation within the hot tub soaking into the cover. For more information contact us at 800-759-8990.

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