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The real definition of love is exposed by Spiritual master Pujya Dadashri who is embodiment of love. True love is the one which does not increases or decreases. True love remains constant.
What does guru mean? Guru meaning guide. If the shishya remains in his guru’s humility then he is worthy of gurukripa.
How to speak without hurtful words with others is necessary. Very often words hurt people’s feelings. Learn how can fix the problem after hurting someone.
Losing a loved one or having a death in the family is the hardest thing in life. When someone dies we spend time mourning and grieving, but this is not helpful. Learn how to cope with death with right understanding here.
Is selfless love, true love? It is love without expectations, it is unconditional love. See True love quotes here :
One of the key conflict resolution skills is learning how to adjust everywhere. This technique works in the home, office and in the community. Find out how here.
Learn new conflict management techniques which will help you to stop fault finding and blaming others here.
Find peace in your life by learning how to control anger and how to stop being angry with the right understanding on controlling anger.




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