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What is brahmacharya? There are two types of brahmacharya (celibacy). Learn the actual brahmacharya meaning and brahmacharya definition here.
The power of words is immeasurable. So you should think before you speak. Explore why words are powerful here and use positive words in speech.
The age-old questions, ‘What happens after death?’ and ‘Is there life after death ?’ have remained unanswered until now. Dig into the science of death here.
How to test true love and love versus infatuation is explained by Pujya Dadashri with simple example. Also, what is the difference between true love and illusionary love is given so that one can understand definition of true love.
Who are Brahma Vishnu Mahesh(Shiva)? Are they the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the world? Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are symbolic representations of the three gunas and you have to transcend them. You have created whatever suffering you have to experience. No one is responsible for creating sufferings.
Lord Shiva is also called as Mahadev and Nilkanth. Anyone who gets 'self realization' achieves the internal state of 'Shiva'.
How to overcome fear is an ordinary question but the ways to do so are not. Explore the simple scientific ways of conquering fear to be fearless over here.
Erase your mistakes with the power of pratikraman. When true repentance takes place, you gradually become pure. Explore the science behind repentance here.




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