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If you truly want to go on an India splendour tour like the royals, Maharajas Express is your finest option. Maharajas Express is counted as one of the best luxury trains in the world, going neck and neck with the greats of Venice Simplon-Orient Express, Golden Eagle and Blue Train.
Mount Nun is the highest peak in the Zanskar range and is part of the Nun-Kun, a twin-summit mountain massif separated from each-other by a high snowy plateau of four kilometres. The Mount Nun-Kun massif is the most stunning peaks of the famous Suru Valley that is adorned with a number of spectacular peaks.
South India is a great place to trek as it offers ideal weather conditions, spellbinding natural views and much more. So, pack your trekking bags and head over to these offbeat trekking destinations in South India.
Char Dham Yatra has a special significance in Hinduism. Char Dham refers to four sacred abodes that are said to be holy owing to their religious significance and mentions in the Hindu scriptures.
The Seven Sisters or the North Eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur with an addition of the state of Sikkim are integral to the diversity and sovereignty of India as a nation.
Trains- laid down by the Brits during the Imperial Empire in India prevailed has been the lifeline of the country for years and now, it has expanded its wings to cater to the richest of the rich and travellers from across the globe.
The India Wine Tour is an adventure for every wine lover; you’ll get to taste some of the finest wines made India and get to see how they are paired with different categories of foods.
Expedition in the Himalayas
Himalayas are a great spot for vacationing with your friends if you can tolerate the extreme climatic conditions. You might experience shortness of breath due to low oxygen density, extreme shivering and cold, and might even experience frostbites in severe cases.




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